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  • Standard Test Sieves

    Standard test sieves can be made both in woven wire mesh or accurate slotted perforated metal mesh. Both screening fabrics have precise holes for sizing and analysing.

    Basic Infomation:
    The standard sieves are mainly used in screening and filtering granule and powder material in the industries of

       •Flour sieve, grain sieve, sugar sifter
       •Sand sieve, stone sieve, soil sieve, casting sieve, decimate sifter
       •Asphalt sieve,concrete sieve, cement dry sieve, limestone sieve,

        way slag   sieve, aggregate sieve for bituminous pavement
       •Pharmaceutical sieve and other industry-specific sieves

     General Sieve Diameter : 75/100/200/203/300/400/600 (mm)

     Screen Frames:
       •Shape:round, square, rectangle(slot)
       •Thickness:0.6-0.7 mm
       •Height:25mm, 50mm or customized according to customer requirements

       •Fine sieve frame and durable, with no leak tight.
       •Screen frames made with high-quality polished stainless steel


    Case Study: Diameter 200mm with depth 25mm Standard Test Sieves, Made of Woven Mesh:

    Woven Wire Mesh aperture ranges:  from 20 microns to 2.36mm

    Mesh aperture such as: 20µm,25 µm,38 µm,  40 µm,  45 µm,  50 µm, 53 µm,  60 µm,  63 µm,  75 µm, 80 µm,  90 µm,100 µm,  106 µm, 125 µm,  150 µm,  180 µm,  170 µm,212 µm,  250 µm,  300 µm,355 µm,425   µm,  500 µm,  600 µm,  710 µm,  850 µm,  1mm, 1.18mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm, 2mm, 2.36mm

    The wire mesh standard sieves are made in accordance with the  ISO3310-1: 1990 R20/3, R20 , R40/3  series standard.

    Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, bronze, brass( applied to the sieve frame and screening cloth)

    Stainless Steel Standard Sieves SS Woven Wire Mesh Sieves Filter
    Stainless Steel Standard Sieves SS Woven Wire Mesh Sieves Filter


    Perforated sheets standard test sieves:

    The general aperture size: above 3mm (according to your requirements)

    Perforated plate standard test sieves are made in accordance with the  ISO3310-2: 1990 R20/3, R20 , R40/3  series standard.  

    Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L or Aluminum ( including the frame and screen cloth)

    Case Study of Standard Perforated Plate Test Sieves:

    Diameter 200mm and depth 25mm perforated screen round standard sieves:

    Mesh aperture size: from 5 microns to 15 microns

    Mesh aperture size such as: 5 µm,10 µm,15 µm

    Mainly used for high precision screening /testing the subparticle material.

    Widely used in high precision screening /testing the particle size analysis. 

    Such in the following place:
    - geological exploration ,  metallurgy ,  abrasive ,  building materials  and other  industries
    - colleges, universities, research institute


    1.Material: metal,ss304
    3.shape: round
    Detailed introduction:

    Material:Test Sieve made from first class stainless steel perforated screen sheet, brass sheet and other metal screen with punched holes.

    Standard Sieves and Test Sieves:
    Diameter: 5cm 6cm 8cm 10cm 20X5cm 30X5cm

    We also supply pleated wire mesh element sieves:

    Product Details 1.Style Perforated Plate, Pleated
    2.Feature Fireproof,Washable,High Efficiency&Quality
    3.Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum mesh
    4.Size OEM,Customizing is welcome
    5.Frame Ss or Aluminum
    6.Packing Carton
    7.Used to Sizing, filtering
    8.Weight Based on size & material
    9.Minimum order 50pcs
      Custom orders discussed.

    Products Show

    Standard Test Sieves
    Pleated Wire Mesh Sieves and Filter Screen
    Aluminum Mesh
    Test Sieves


    Meterial:Aluminum mesh
    Class Size W*H*D(MM) Layers Filtration area (m²) Remark
    G3 230*240*12 3 0.1 2 layers plat mesh and 1 layers pleat mesh
    592*287*20 3 0.17 3 layers pleat mesh
    592*592*20 3 0.35 3 layers pleat mesh
    G4 592*287*46 5 0.17 5 layers pleat mesh
    592*592*46 7 0.35 2 layers plat mesh and 5 layers pleat mesh



    - Packaging: inner: plastic bag, outer: special carton for test sieve, to ensure products safely transportation.

    - Delivery:delivery with EMS, which covers more than 200 countries and regions, provides fast and reliable door to door courier service.


    Field of application

    - agriculture, biology, chemistry/plastics, construction materials, engineering/eletronics, environment, food, geology/metallurgy, glass/ceramics, medicine/phamaceuticals.


    Grading Sieves, Sieves for Grain, Medicine, etc.:
    Diameter: 10X5cm 15X5cm 20X5cm 25X5cm 30X6cm 40X7cm 45X7cm 50X9cm 60X10cm
    Concrete Sieve:
    Diameter: 15cm 13cm 17X5cm 20X5cm
    Square Opening Test Sieves, Round Opening Test Sieves and Wire Mesh Test Sieves for Coal:
    (Wooden frame opening: 0.2-100cm)
    45X35X10cm 75X75X10cm 90X60X10cm

    Bolhes Test Sieve Co.