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  • Frames for Test Sieves, Round or Square, Fitted to the Filtering Wire Screen Fabrics

    Testing sieve is made for the purpose of particles size distribution measurement, the determination of impurity content or solid content in liquid, which are extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments.

    The metal frames for screening sieves are the important part for the quality of the filteration rating and sizing quality. The frame can be made of metal sheets deformed in round or square coils.
    The materials for frames: stainless steel SUS304, 316 or 316L, aluminum, brass, copper, alloy.
    Our framed sieve product has many features: tight structure, low noise, high efficiency, and high precision degree etc.

    In production process, we adopt well-qualified new type of energy generator generating multi-dimensions high frequent vibration to ensure high-efficient sieving and determination. According to different materials features, customers can set different working time by adjusting electric time controller so that the analysis errors could be reduced to minimum and therefore guarantee analysis results unanimous.

    Technical Parameters

    Standard sieve body Layer(S) 8
    Diameter Mm φ200φ100φ75
    Sieve size Mm 0.038-3
    Noise dB ≤50
    Charging Capacity to vote (one time) G ≤200
    Amplitude mm ≤5
    Voltage V 220/380/415
    Rotate Speed r/min 1450
    Power KW 0.125
    Overall Dimension Mm 360×300×736
    Total Weight Kg 25
    Frames for Test Sieves Frames for Test Sieves
    Frames for Test Sieves Frames for Test Sieves


    Bolhes Test Sieve Co.