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  • About Nickel Plated Sieves, Aperture, Hole, Frame, Height and Details

    Stainless Steel 304 Sieves, Nickel Plating Surface Woven Wire Mesh Tyler Standard Sieves 50mm Height Square Mesh Sieves

    Nickel plated carbon steel sieves are supplied in full sets of steel sieves with nickel plating surface. Types include Tyler sieves and standard food vibrating sieves.

    Varieties of Nickel Plating Test Sieves:
    Woven wire mesh sieves, perforated plate sieves and electrical forming nickel plated.

    Basic Technical Information:
    Aperture:  5Micron-150mm
    Hole shape:  Square
    Frame thickness:  0.6mm-0.7mm
    Standards:  ISO3310, GB6003, ASTM, TYLER, JIS, DIN, BS
    Functions:  Particle size analysis
    Wire Diameter: 300mm/200mm/100mm/75mm
    Sieve Height(From top to sieve surface): 60mm/50mm/35mm/30mm
    Weight:   About 0.2-0.5Kg one piece
    Packaging:   Carton/ Wooden case


    Steel sieves with nickel plating have fine sieve frames, durable in uses;
    All sieves are strictly inspected by microscope and projector.

    Order Info:
    Please specify the sieve mesh, frame type and quantity If you want to buy the this type of sieves.

    Bolhes Test Sieve Co.