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Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Sieves

Bolhes supplies quality pharmaceutical sieves for testing of Pharmaceutical intermediates and materials. Pharmaceutical sieves are made with stainless steel 316L woven wire mesh as filter media. The frame is made of stainless steel 316L plate, polished bright. Hot sold pharmaceutical sieve has a diameter of 400mm, sieve height is 100mm and the sieve thickness is 0.7mm. The micron of opening can be 0.1 to 10 micron in size for sizing of pharmaceutical fine particles and powders.

Pharmacy Sieves need to have certificate of compliance for use in pharmaceutical industry.

Stainless Steel 316L Wire Mesh Pharmaceutical Sieve

10 micron Sieves for Testing Pharmaceutical Intermediate Fine Powders

Compact structure pharmaceutical sieve:
Features of pharmaceutical sieve:
1. High efficiency, elegant design & durable, available for any powder, particles and viscous liquid

2.  We manufacture single deck up through four deck units

3. Auto discharge gate available and facilitates impure and rough materials

4. It is easy to operate and maintain, light weight,  low noise and less energy consumption

♦Working principle of pharmaceutical sieve
By means of a hammer (unbalance hammer) mounted along the motor shaft, DYZ Series 3-D Vibrating Screens convert the rotation of the motor into a 3-D movement, i.e. horizontal, vertical and inclined movement, and then the 3-D movement is transferred to the screen surface, which leads to an involute movement of the materials on the screen surface

♦Application of pharmaceutical sieve

1) Chemical industry: resin pigment, medicine, grease, paint, palette, etc.

2) Abrasive material and ceramic industry: building sand, mica, alumina, abrasive, refractory material,slurry, etc.

3) Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, gourmet powder, starch, milk powder, yeast powder, pollen, food , additive, bean milk, juice, etc.

4) Paper-making industry: coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, etc.

5) Metallurgy and mining industry: quartz sand, ore, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, etc.

6) Mechanical industry : casting Mechanical industry,sand powder metallurgy, electromagnetic material and metal powder, etc.

Pharmaceutical Sieve Shakers:

Sieve Shakers for Pharmaceutical Test Sieves

1, Suitable Sieve Diameter (mm): 200mm /203mm(8")/300mm
2, Quantity of Placed Sieve (piece): 1-7(including sieve pan&cover)
3,  Measuring Range (mm): 45 micron-25mm
4, Noise (dB) : <60 dB
5, Amplitude (mm)  1-5mm
6,  Automatic Timing Control (min): 0~99mins59secs
7, Motor Vibration Frequency (r/min): 1400 r/min

Features of Sieve Shakers for Pharmaceutical Testing Sieves:

(1)Prior and durable design with high efficiency to screen any powder and mucilage

(2) High screening efficiency-the smallest particle size is 45 micron(325 mesh)

(3) It is can be placed maximum7 layer test sieves (including the sieve pan and cover); the materials can be separated into 2-6 particle sizes at the same time

(4)Small size and light weight, less occupying space and easy moving; platform  operation without fixed device; low noise

(5)Easy operation, automatic timing device.    

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